Wood shaping tools

Traditional Artisanship

Its distinctive wooden lampshade is hollowed out of a piece of wood by artisans in Yamanakaonsen Japan where world-class woodturning artisanship has lived for over 400 years. It’s partially less than 1 mm thick and lets the light glow through to bring out the unique grain of each light.

Highly Skilled Wood Drying Technique

The process of wood drying takes up to a few months depending on the condition of wood. This process is essential to prevent wood from deforming or cracking.

Cross-sectional slices of wood

In Yamanakaonsen artisans lathe cross-sectionally sliced wood simply because it’s traditionally know to be more resistant to deforming and cracking.

Usubiki, world-class wood-turning technique

wood turner
Usubiki is one of the wood turning techniques that have evolved in Yamanakaonsen Kagashi Ishikawaken Japan for over 400 years. By applying the usubiki technique highly skilled wood turners are able to craft this remarkably thin wooden lampshade that lets the light glow through.


The sensuji wood carving, hand-carved ornamental strips over the surface of maru natural brings out simple warmth of wood and unique beauty of grain. The technique is called kashokubiki, ornamental hand-carving. There are a couple of dozen kashokubiki known in Yamanakaonsen including sensuji.

Wood grain and knots are formed as trees grow and are all different. Also, the center of wood and outer part may appear different in color. All of these characteristics become the unique flavor of Yamanaka Usubiki Light.

Artisanship in harmony with nature

Usubiki Light born out of wood will continue to shine with harmony.

Artisanship in harmony with nature makes Yamanaka Usubiki Light possible.