Yamanaka Usubiki Light

Light born out of wood.


Yamanaka Usubiki Light Maru Natural
The sensuji wood carving of Maru natural, showcasing concentric ornamental circles over its surface which are finely hand carved and appear like strips as the light is seen through it.


Bell Natural
Each wooden lampshade is hollowed out of a piece of wood by artisans and is partially less than 1 mm thick.


Cyoku Natural
Cyoku natural showcasing its unique soft grain.


yamanaka usubiki light dome natural
Dome natural


yamanaka usubiki light tsubomi natural
Tsubomi natural


yamanaka usubiki light dress natural
Dress natural


Yamanaka Usubiki Light bell natural
Bell natural


Unique light that illuminates gently

  • warm and cozy living room, dining room made out of mainly wood-based materials.
  • warm-welcoming reception, lobby.
  • relaxing atmosphere for vacation house, natural-material-based built to order home.
  • luxurious atmosphere for restaurant, bar, hotel, resort spa hotel.
  • one-of-a-kind café, art gallery, museum.



Product Name:   Yamanaka Usubiki Light
Socket Base:   E17
Wattage(W):   Less than 10 W
Voltage(V):   AC 100 V
Cord Length:   1 m (can be increased by the unit of 50 cm up to 3 m)
PSE:   “Product Safety Electrical Appliance and Materials” seal of approval
Materials (lampshade):   wood (zelkova serrata, betula grossa)
Country of Production:   Japan (Yamanakaonsen Kaga-city Ishikawa)
LED Bulb:   Only LED bulbs can be used.(Not included with the product.)

Please read recommended LED bulb specifications on the User’s Guide when shopping for LED bulbs.  Look for the kelvin (color temperature) range somewhere between 2700 K and 3500 K that is the warmer (yellower) light.

Download User’s Guide   Yamanaka Usubiki Light for Pendant Light



Each wooden lampshade is handcrafted in Yamanakaonsen Japan. And its dimensions and appearance may differ slightly from lampshade to lampshade due to the nature of natural material.



Please read the manual before using the product. The instructions highlighted below MUST be followed to avoid any damage, injury, or fire.

  • The LED bulb (10 wattage or less) MUST be used, for the shade is made out of natural wood. Do NOT use any other types of light bulbs.
  • The lighting fixture is designed and tested to be used within Japan only.

Please contact us for more details if you are interested in using the product outside Japan.